Transport Logistics & Mobility

Scientific approach on mobility, economy and the relevant actors

Focus on transport effects and the associated flow of information

The competence area Transport Logistics & Mobility offers comprehensive know-how in the development of sustainable mobility concepts and innovative inter- and multimodal solutions. Together with research and company partners we develop cooperative business models for the cross-industry use of transport synergies. The focus of our research activities is the systemic and dynamic analysis of traffic, including the interfaces between transport infrastructure, logistics service providers and mobility users. In that way we create sustainable (transport) solutions to increase the competitiveness of a business location.

Efficient and sustainable mobility concepts and the efficient use of transport infrastructure are the main goals. We use stakeholder-oriented approaches (living labs, human-centered system design, etc.) and aim at the beneficial use of information and communication technologies and modes of transport. In this context we analyze current trends and create awareness of sustainable transport solutions to shape future research areas.

For further information, please contact the head of the research team:

FH-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schildorfer

Wehrgrabengasse 1-3, 4400 Steyr/Austria

+43 5 0804 33297





Sustainable Transport

Sustainable Transport

The goal of the competence field ‘Sustainable Transport’ is a modal shift from road to environmentally friendly inland waterways. The focus of research and development are innovative transport concepts (e.g. synchromodality) and the integration of inland navigation into the multimodal transport chains. Furthermore, a major part of the research focuses on creating knowledge and raising awareness for sustainable freight transportation in order to achieve a mental shift.

Hyperconnected Logistics Systems

Hyperconnected Logistics Systems

Designing Smart Hyperconnected Logistics Systems

Recent research and development in the area of Logistics IT and Digitalization targets smart and hyperconnected logistics systems in order to optimize the flow of information and goods in value networks. The research field Smart Hyperconnected Logistics Systems investigates human-logistics-technology systems and aims at the development of methods and tools for designing such systems. Thereby, the focus is on the integrative consideration of Digital Supply Chains, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Automated Driving.